How Crown Ranks work in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Flex your overall wins with some flashy rewards.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been out since August of 2020, and it took until its third season to add overarching goals to work towards. Along with leveling up a battle pass for each season, players will also be working towards an overall, player-specific Crown Rank. As of this writing, there are 54 Crown Ranks in total.

Earning Crowns and retroactive counting

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Your Crown Rank is based on how many overall wins you have as a player. This means that your rank retroactively includes all of your wins prior to Season 3. This will mean that long-time players will have quite a head start over new players, but also means none of those veteran players’ work went to waste.

Crowns are also earned through:

  • Double Crown Weekends
  • 60 Crown Shards for one Crown
  • Certain Fame Path levels starting Season 3 and beyond
  • Promotions such as Prime Gaming and the occasional survey

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Exclusive Golden Costumes

What’s even the point of playing a battle royale game if you can’t show off your win count? Part of the reward track for your Crown Rank includes highly exclusive golden variants of existing Fall Guys costumes. These Golden Costumes, which include a knight, wolf, and chicken, are only obtainable through your Crown Rank, so wearing them will tell other players that you are not one to be messed with.

None of the rewards on the Crown Rank reward track are season-specific, and you can work towards them in future seasons as well.