How Divot Derby works in PGA Tour 2K21

We have a new mode!

Image via EA Sports

March 16 was a day full of PGA Tour 2K-related news. Take-Two officially announced that golfing superstar Tiger Woods signed an exclusive deal that will allow the PGA Tour 2K franchise to use his name and likeness in future games. Additionally, PGA Tour 2K21’s developer, HB Studios, was bought and absorbed by Take-Two Interactive.

On top of all of this major news, the PGA Tour 2K development team finalized plans for its new game mode, Divot Derby. What is this new mode and how does it work? Let’s go over what you need to know about Divot Derby.

How Divot Derby works in PGA Tour 2K21

The PGA Tour 2K team promises that this mode will provide a lot of chaos on the fairway. Divot Derby is a Fall Guys-esque online mode in which 20 players take part in this melee-like competition.

Divot Derby includes single-elimination knockouts, as players will be eliminated one at a time for failing to hit the hole in time. In Divot Derby, players are tasked to make it to the hole as fast as possible. Score does not matter in this game.

The first person to make it into the hole will hole out. From there, golfers will have 30 seconds to make it in, or until all the other players have finished their hole and filled out the remaining slots.

Screenshot from Gamepur

In this mode, gameplay is set to the PRO difficulty preset, while the following gameplay elements are disabled:

  • Handicap
  • Turn Order
  • Stroke Limit
  • Fast Forward
  • Practice Swing
  • Course Challenges

The goal in Divot Derby is to finish as the last person standing, meaning that you have outlasted everyone else and holed out on the final round.

The Divot Derby mode officially went live on March 17.