How do character roles work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? Answered

Know your role and shut your mouth.

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Xenoblade 3 is the latest in the long-running Xeno franchise from developer Monolith Soft. Xenoblade 3 is a massive sequel, taking place several years after the ending of Xenoblade 2. It features a new roster of playable characters, open-world vehicles, and a new battle system. Character roles are unique to Xenoblade 3, and this guide will explain each role in detail.

Character Roles Explained

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In the new combat system, up to seven playable characters can duke it out all at the same time. Players can freely swap between party members at will. This is key, as the character role system helps manage all of that action on the field. These are the known character roles in Xenoblade 3.

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Attacker Role

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Attacker roles are considered the optimal damage-dealing class for Xenoblade 3. These characters are capable of significant damage and taking advantage of flanks and enemy weaknesses. They are strong but need good tanks and healers to last during a prolonged encounter.

Defender Role

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Defender class characters are considered the tanks of Xenoblade 3. These classes excel and are vital to every tough encounter you may come across. Defender role characters can draw aggro from powerful enemies, which is key to survival for healer and attacker roles. They can also activate powerful artes that mitigate damage. Careful use of aggro management and damage mitigation will come in handy during challenging boss encounters.

Healer Role

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Healers are the lifeline for all team compositions in Xenoblade 3. Healers are the primary source of health regeneration and can revive fallen party members. Healers also have many skills to reduce or cure abnormal status effects. Healer roles can’t do the damage of an attacker or survive hits like a defender, so it’s best to keep them at long range to avoid taking unnecessary hits.

These new combat roles will come in handy during Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s lengthy adventures. World bosses and tough open-world fights will require all three roles if players hope to defeat them.