How do decisions work in Crusader Kings III?

Decisions, decisions.

While leading a kingdom in Crusader Kings III, it is up to you to make the crucial decisions to determine the best course of action to lead your people. Your decisions will come with consequences, both positive and negative. The decisions available to you will vary, and how you go about enacting them changes everyone in your kingdom, and sometimes those outside it.

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You will be able to perform a diverse choice of decisions based on your religion, your character’s personality, and the opportunities. These vary from significant decisions of creating a new empire, founding a holy order, and small ones where your character goes on a hunt with their trusted subjects for honor, or find a way to work off the stress they’ve been building up throughout their life.

When your character makes a decision, a unique opportunity may arise amid the choice, and they need to decide what to do. The opportunity could have additional repercussions or benefits beyond the traditional reason to make these decisions, causing further ripples in the world that you will have to contend with. The potential opportunities vary from character to character. They are only available based on your character’s traits, religion, previous encounters, and several other unique factors that develop over your gameplay.

You will want to refer to your available decisions whenever something new crops up in your game involving your character. A decision can directly influence your situation, such as when captured, you can choose to wait out your imprisonment or attempt to escape, which can go well or extremely negatively. Another minor decision is your character choosing to care for an animal, and you can pet them, which is always fun for any animal owner.

Decisions are a critical gameplay aspect in Crusader Kings III, big or small. You will make them regularly to receive additional gold, more heirs to your throne, or steadily build up your reputation. What you do remains up to you, and how your handle it will depend on what character you’re playing in the game and what benefits them the best.