How do Divisions work in Riders Republic?

Take on more challenging opponents.


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Riders Republic gives you plenty of areas to progress in. Whether you’re advancing your bike, flying, or snow sports career, completing Sponsor Contracts, or advancing Shackdaddy Challenges, there’s always something to be working on. However, something you may not understand how to advance is your Division rating. This guide explains how Divisions work in Riders Republic and why you should be working on it.

How do Divisions work?

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Divisions only exist within the multiplayer events in Riders Republic. Therefore, they only affect your game in three types of events, all of which are the major multiplayer offerings, including Tricks Battles, Free for Alls, and any Time Limited Playlists. You’ll start in Division 10 and work your way up through each Division by competing in events.

You earn points towards your Division rank by completing events in any multiplayer mode. You’ll need to finish in at least eleventh place to earn five points towards your rank. The higher you place in a race out of twelve players, the more points you’ll earn. Once you get to Division 9, you’ll need to start paying five points per match, which is all you get for finishing in twelfth place. The higher you place, the further you’ll push that rank.

Since all players start in Division 10, you’ll be facing every new player in that Division. The higher you climb, the better the players you’ll be facing. We noticed a marked difference in players’ skills between Division 9 and 8, and it only gets more serious from there. You’ll need some serious gear, preferably Epic, if you want to compete past that rank.