What is the Time Limited Playlist in Riders Republic?

Get ready for some crazy races.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Riders Republic has a lot of content for you to play through. In addition to the map packed with events, Shackdaddy Challenges and Sponsor Contracts to work through. However, some of those additional missions ask you to complete events in the Time Limited Playlist, which you won’t know about until you’ve discovered it for yourself. This guide explains what the Time Limited Playlist is and how to access it. 

What is the Time Limited Playlist

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Time Limited Playlist can only be found on the multiplayer screen. You can access this from the main menu or visit the Free For All vendor location at Riders Ridge. When you access the multiplayer menu, you’ll be presented with a few different playlists to choose from. Any Time Limited Playlists will be described as such and should include a date when they expire.

By completing events in the Time Limited Playlist, you’ll earn progress towards challenges or Contracts that require you to complete events, multiplayer events, and Time Limited Playlist events. Each time one of these comes up, visit the multiplayer menu and take on the correct playlist.

We found that the matchmaking times for the Time Limited Playlist were quite long. It took us three minutes or longer to get into a match. You can extend the timer when presented with the prompt to do so. There’s no reason to stick in one place in the world while this is happening, though. Instead, you could explore the world and discover new secrets while the matchmaking continues in the background.