How do Mario Party’s dice work? Random or player-influenced

Are you getting unlucky with your dice rolls?

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When jumping into a game of Mario Party, players should be ready from the get-go to lose a friend. The chaos and ability to screw up another person’s game are some key aspects of what makes the franchise so alluring yet volatile. You can lead the pack the whole game just to have your world rocked by a star thief and a couple of bad dice rolls. This begs the question, are the dice in Mario Party games entirely random?

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Are Mario Party dice randomized?

Though many disgruntled Mario Party fans may argue otherwise, the dice blocks in these games are not rigged against players in the lead. Instead, the roll of a die is determined by a random number generator. It may be compelling to try and time your roll when the right number appears on the dice, but this actually has no effect on the outcome.

Tips for rolling dice in Mario Party

While it may not be possible to predict the result of your roll, there are other ways to strategize your turns better. Using items at key moments is one way to improve your overall rolls. Saving up a Golden Pipe right before an opponent is about to get a Star or using a Mushroom to ensure you move a couple of extra spaces makes the difference in the long run.

Additionally, some Mario Party games utilize special dice blocks that can add even more strategy to your rolls. For example, Super Mario Party allows players to choose between using the default dice block and theirs or their allies’ special dice blocks. Each one of these special dice is different and has its own perks. That said, since the dice are still randomized, luck will always be a factor.