How to register for the Rocksmith+ closed beta

The registration period ends on July 22.

Screengrab via Gamepur

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Rocksmith+ was leaked ahead of the E3 2021 Ubisoft Forward presentation, revealing more information on the game. It is an “interactive music learning subscription service” based game that teaches players how to play the guitar. Players can choose from several famous guitar brands, including Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer. Other features include real-time feedback, riff repeater, and an expansive library of songs. And once the presentation officially aired, registration for the PC closed beta opened. Luckily, registering for the said closed beta is a simple process.

First, head over to the official website, and you’ll be greeted with the screen shown in the featured image above. Once you click the link to enter the site, you’ll see the screen below, which gives you the option to register for the closed beta. Hit the “Register Now” button:

Screengrab via Gamepur

Depending on whether you have an account or if you need to make a new account, you choose to either “Login” or “Register.” Once you’ve entered the correct information and submit it, the screen below will appear, confirming that you successfully registered for the closed beta. It will also display the email you used to sign up and give you the option to change said email if you choose.

Screengrab via Gamepur

The registration period starts today and will end on July 22, after which, most likely, you’ll receive an email confirmation that you were chosen for the beta.