How does multiplayer work in Crusader Kings 3?

Conquer the world with a friend.

Playing with your friends is always more fun in Crusader Kings 3. You can choose to work together to craft a perfect world or try to see who can survive the longest as your rulers work through history to develop their dynasties. To play a multiplayer game, you can choose to host a game or locate one in the primary lobby.

When you enter the main menu screen, underneath the single-player section, there’s a multiplayer portion. You can choose to host the game or to join the one your friend creates. The one hosting the game will hold a majority of the weight to render the game and likely have the saved game on their hardware.

The person who starts the game has to choose to begin the game on January 1, 867, or on September 15, 1066. You only have these dates to choose from. On the right side, you can decide to make the game private or public, its name, or if it has a password. If you are returning to an old multiplayer game, the saved data should be on the lower left-hand portion of the menu, where you can load it up and rejoin with a friend.

After choosing your settings, and the game starts, you have the entire map to choose where to start. You can modify the game rules similar to all of the rules of a single-player game, except you cannot commit to an Ironman mode, which means you cannot earn achievements. Any multiplayer game you play in Crusader Kings 3 is not eligible for you to earn achievements.

When you and your friends pick the rulers you want to play, you’re free to play Crusader Kings 3 to your heart’s content.