How does negotiation work in Digimon Survive?

Use the power of persuasion.

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As a strategy game, much of your time in Digimon Survive will be spent trying to outwit your opponents on the battlefield. While this will work most of the time, you do also have another, more diplomatic option at your disposal: the ability to negotiate. The rewards for successfully negotiating are potentially valuable, especially if you’re looking to fill out the game’s entire roster of Digimon, so it’s a good idea not to overlook the option.

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How to negotiate with enemy Digimon

Screenshot by Gamepur

During battles, you have the option to interrupt the fighting with a conversation. To do this, select the Talk option under the Foes tab to open up a dialogue with one of your enemies. After choosing which Digimon to negotiate with, that Digimon will then ask you a series of questions. Your goal here is to answer in a way they can relate to, meaning the correct answers will vary from type to type. Correct answers will earn you ticks on the progress bar on the top of the screen, either one or two, depending on how good your answer is. Wrong answers will remove ticks from the progress bar, and failing the negotiation entirely will enrage the enemy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To succeed, you need to at least reach the small arrow above the indicator after three questions. If you do this, it will give you the option to either ask for items from the Digimon or invite them to be your friend. Asking for items is less risky since it’s guaranteed to work. Asking them to join you is somewhat risky, as there’s only a percentage chance for it to succeed. If you do fail this roll, however, the Digimon will flee the battle. Although this means you’ll miss out on a new roster addition, this might still be helpful to even the odds in some tougher fights.