Digimon Survive’s Karma System, explained – How Karma works in Digimon Survive

How will you react to the many decisions awaiting you in Digimon Survive?

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Karma in Digimon Survive will determine the relationship between Takuma and his Agumon. It’s important to consider that your choices in the game will greatly impact what happens, along with Agumon’s development. In this guide, we’re going to cover how the Karma System works in Digimon Survive.

How the Karma System works

The decisions you make in Digimon Survive will impact the story alongside the main character, Takuma, and his Agumon. Although your choices vary between what you could be doing and how to approach a battle, a more direct choice you make is the decisions in the game. There are moments when you have to make a sincere choice between multiple options, which will affect your Karma Score, broken up into three categories of personality types: Harmony, Moral, and Wrathful.

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Each of these personality types influences the attributes of your Digimon and Takuma. Your character’s personality and respective attributes make it easier to recruit other Digimon in the Free Battle mode, where you have a chance to talk with them. When talking with these Digimon, you will need to complete a quiz to answer the correct questions before you can recruit them. It might be easier or more challenging to recruit a Digimon based on Takuma’s personality. These have to do with the three primary attributes in Digimon Survive: Vaccine, Data, and Virus.

These are all personality types in Digimon Survive and what attributes they influence.


Harmony is associated with the compassionate and peaceful choices Takuma makes. This choice is represented by green, and you will always find it on the right side of the dialogue tree. This personality is associated with the Data attribute.


Moral has to do with Takuma’s sense of justice and making sacrifices for the harder decisions. The color yellow represents it, and it is the choice on the left top of the dialogue tree. This personality is associated with the Vaccine attribute.


The final personality type is Wrathful, and it has to do with Takuma being bold and direct with his decisions. This will be in the top left of the dialogue tree and is represented by the color red. This personality is associated with the Virus attribute.

The attributes in Digimon Survive also tie into the combat. Each personality type is superior to the other three. Vaccine beats Data but loses to Virus. Virus beats Vaccine but loses to Data. Data beats Virus but loses to Vaccine.