All Labramon Digivolutions in Digimon Survive

Who’s a good dog?

Screenshot via Bandai Namco Entertainment

Labramon is the loyal dog Digimon partner of Aoi Shibuya in Digimon Survive. Labramon is one of the first Digimon that permanently joins your team and is a good partner to have in your journey in the strange Digital World. She has multiple Digivolutions, each one being more powerful than the other.

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Labramon’s Digivolutions in Digimon Survive

Screenshot by Gamepur

Most partnered Digimon start as the base Rookies and have the potential to Digivolve three times. Each proceeded form is labeled Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. Labramon does not have as many Digivolutions as Agumon, who has three different branching Digivolutions. Labramon herself is a cute little dog with white fur, but her Digivolutions are the complete opposite. Labramon transforms into a more dark and sinister-looking Digimon. Labramon herself can heal other Digimon, yet her Digivolutions do not.

Labramon’s Champion form is Dobermon. Aoi’s Labramon can first Digivolve into Dobermon at the end of Part 2 when fighting against Fangmon. Labramon gains her Ultimate form around Part 6 and only if your affinity with Aoi is around level 30. Labramon’s Ultimate form is Cerberusmon. Labramon has three potential Mega Digivolutions, and the evolution she gains depends on decisions you make during the game and what kind of karma you have. Labramon either Mega Digivolves into Plutomon, Anubismon, or Baihumon.

Below is a simple diagram of Aoi’s Labramon’s Digivolutions:

  • Dobermon —> Cerberusmon —> Plutomon/Anubismon/Baihumon

Exclusive Labramon Digivolutions

Multiple different Labramons exist in Digimon Survive, and you can face enemy Labramon in Free Battles or Shadow Battles. When fighting another Labramon in battle, you can recruit them with the Talk option. Other Labramons have different Digivolutions than Aoi’s Labramon.

All Labramons can Digivolve into Dobermon, Cerberusmon, and Plutomon. However, only Aoi’s Labramon can Digivolve into Anubismon and Baihumon. Likewise, other Labramons can Digivolve from Dobermon into WereGarurumon. WereGaururumon can then Digivolve into MetalGarurumon. WereGaururumon and MetalGarurumon are the Ultimate and Mege Digivolitions of Gabumon, one of the most well know Digimon in the series.

Below is another simple diagram showing off the exclusive Digivolution line for other Labramons:

  • Dobermon —> WereGarurumon —> MetalGarurumon/Plutomon

Aoi’s Labramon always turns back into its Rookie form after every Digivolution. Other Labramons do not revert back and remain evolved. To evolve non-partnered Digimon, you will need Slabs.