How does pin evolution work in NEO: The World Ends With You?

Calling! The pin is mutating!

Image via Square Enix

In NEO: The World Ends With You, pins aren’t just a way to make you look more fashionable. Instead, they give you powerful psychic abilities that can change over time, depending on how you level them up. With this guide, we hope to steer you towards a stronger party that can succeed in the Reaper’s Game.

The first thing to discuss is pin evolution eligibility. Like Pokemon, some pins you find are the only form they possess. They cannot be evolved at all. Second, a pin can be evolved by levelling it up. The more you use the pin, the more it will grow. At the victory screen, you are given the option to evolve the pin or not whenever it hits a certain level. Usually, you’d want to evolve it as the new pin offers a stronger attack or better effect. Third, a pin can be mutated into a stronger form if used with a specific character for a certain amount of time.

You can find information on every pin in your collection by either going to the Records section or the pins section of the menu. Once you’ve chosen the pin you want to know more about, swipe the right stick to the right. It will give you more details like if it can be evolved or not. If it displays a ???, this means it’s a mutation.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The best way to go about playing NEO: The World Ends With You is by evolving your pins, tweaking the drop rate of pins, and increasing the difficulty to get rarer pins. If you keep altering the drop rate and difficulty of the game to your liking, you’re on the right path to winning the Reaper’s Game.