How does Redirection work in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Benefit from switching up your skills.

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Redirection in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is one of the skills you can add to your hunter when placing on specific armor builds, talismans, and jewels. These are critical to augmenting your playstyle and boosting your weapons in combat. Redirection is one added to Sunbreak that will operate with the Switch Swap Skill. Here’s what you need to know about how Redirection works in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

What does the Redirection skill do?

Redirection is a way to optimize your Switch Skill Swap during combat. When you use your Switch Skill Swap, the Redirection skill activates, reducing the damage of any monster attack coming at you and negating damage reactions from a monster when they hit you. The trick behind this skill is using the Switch Skill Swap at the right time to ensure the skill activates and you don’t take damage. The first level of Redirection allows you to activate the skill, and the second level increases it by nullifying incoming damage. Your character will also perform a backward Switch Evade and recover your Wirebug gauge.

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Figuring out if this is the right skill for you may vary. Any hunter who regularly uses their Switch Skill Swap may consider having this as a talisman or a jewel on their armor. Someone with a heavier weapon may find this helpful as they can use this instead of evading, especially if they can land the Switch Skill Swap ability but not the Switch Evade that comes with it. Now, if a monster attack lands, the skill automatically causes the Switch Evade to happen.

We recommend coupling this with the Easy-Breezy Dango, which has you healing whenever you perform a Switch Skill Swap.