How does trading work in Sheltered 2?

Currency doesn’t exist at the end of the world.


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The world of Sheltered 2 has been destroyed, and society has long since ended. As such, there’s no currency anymore, and exchanging goods has reverted to a trading system based on the value each person puts on items. This guide explains how the system works in Sheltered 2, so you don’t accidentally upset anyone.

How does trading work?

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You’ll most likely encounter trading when you send survivors out on an expedition. Your survivors will come across someone else in the wasteland who is happy to trade with them. From there, you’ll be taken to the trading screen, where the real fun begins.

Each individual places different values on the various items in the world of Sheltered 2. Fuel may be vital to you, but another survivor could see it as little more than trash. In the trade screen, you can track the total value of a trade by moving objects you want into the middle by clicking on them. You then need to click on items you’re willing to trade away, and you’ll see the value go up at the bottom of the screen.

You need to balance the total values on each side to be the same or as close as possible. If you offer more than the real value the trader perceives their items to be worth, then you can guarantee the trade will be a success. However, you can also try to barter with the trader by offering slightly less than the total. The trader is more likely to offer you the trade if you put something in that they’re desperate for, like food