How does Weekly Rank work in Riders Republic?

Earn more from your efforts.


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Riders Republic has a lot for you to work through. In addition to your careers in every sport, Sponsor Contracts, Shackdaddy Challenges, and Division Ranks, there’s a Weekly Rank that you can increase to get yourself some decent rewards. In this guide, we’ll explain how Weekly Rank works so you can make the most of it when you next play.

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Your Weekly Rank is unique in Riders Republic because it’s the only rank that will reset every week. Your Sponsor Ranks and career levels persist through each reset so that you can upgrade them for better rewards over months. Weekly Rank differs because you can get a series of rewards that increase in value the higher you push this rank.

You can earn points for your Weekly Rank by competing in multiplayer events. This means that you need to use the in-game multiplayer menu to access these events or visit the relevant vendors in Riders Ridge. You earn more points for placing higher in each event, and those points are added to your weekly total as the week goes on. Each time you hit a Weekly Rank cap, you’ll be given a reward package. This is similar to how you’re rewarded for reaching a new level in one of your careers.

Weekly Rank packages can contain rides, Stars, or Bucks. If nothing else, your Weekly Rank is worth increasing for the bonuses on offer. There’s always a need for more Bucks with the daily shop rotation.