How Exploration works in Bravely Default II

Profit while you sleep.

Image via Nintendo

One of the more interesting features in Bravely Default II is exploration, which gives your characters something to do while you are not actually playing the game. If you plan on not being at your console for a few hours, you can have your protagonist set off on an adventure without you.

Players will be introduced to exploration after finishing the game’s first dungeon. When you return to Halcyonia the little old lady that you saved at the beach will be in her shop, which acts as an exploration hub. She is so greatful to you for saving her that she offers her boat as a way for you to explore.

Exploration happens automatically once you start the process, and you can happily wander off and take care of any real world chores or jobs that need to be done. You can even do it while sleeping.

The character will explore different areas, finding helpful items, weapons, and pieces of equipment. When the expedition is complete, you will see a message on the town screen and should return to the old lady’s store to see what kind of items and loot was found on the expedition.

Make sure you send the boat out on an expedition before you stop playing for the day, so you can return to the game and gather up a nice pile of loot to help you on your next adventure.