How to fix Valorant error code 12

Solve this without causing a riot.


Image via Riot Games

Valorant, like other online multiplayer titles, is often beset by issues. There are a variety of bugs that could affect your session, including Valorant error code 12.

This problem has been a staple of the closed beta, and it can be frustrating to be hit by it constantly. To find out how you can fix Valorant error code 12, you will want our help.

What is Valorant error code 12?

Valorant error code 12
Image via Riot Games

Valorant error code 12 is one of a number of issues linked to your Riot client. With the closed beta in full swing, there are bound to be bugs and other problems afflicting you, providing you managed to snag a beta key.

Plenty of beta testers have taken to Twitter to look for a solution to error code 12. Some have stated that they’re being bombarded by this error code every time they try to play. Others have also revealed that uninstalling and reinstalling Valorant doesn’t fix the problem.

How to solve Valorant error code 12

Valorant error code 12
Image via Riot Games

In order to fix this issue, there are two things you can try. The first — and most obvious — is restarting your Riot client. You can do this by ending the Riot Games Launcher program in your Task Manager. Once it’s been removed from your running programs list, reboot it and relaunch Valorant.

You can also try a clean boot of your computer. To do so in Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, press the Windows and R keys. Type “msconfig” into the text bar that appears, and click on the Services tab. Check “Hide all Microsoft services” so you don’t disable a key PC process.

Next, click the “Disable All” button. Then, head to the Startup tab and click “Disable All” here too. Click on the “Apply” button, hit OK, and restart your PC. Wait for everything to reboot and try to load Valorant again.

If those options fail, you’ll have to lodge a bug ticket with Riot’s support team. You can see how to do that via this link. Follow the instructions to submit a ticket and the team should get back to you soon.