How FOF Path to Glory cards work in FIFA 21

The Path to Glory for many nations starts now.

The FIFA 21 Team of the Season promo has ended, and on June 11, EA Sports and the FIFA 21 team are kicking off the summer with a bang. The developer launched a new promo in Football Ultimate Team, entitled the Festival of FUTball (FoF) Path to Glory. These cards will not only have a different look, but these items are also eligible for upgrades. Here’s how the upgrades work.

EA Sports has stated that players that receive FoF Path to Glory cards have represented their national team at least once throughout their careers. This includes any youth or national league appearances.

Each FoF Path to Glory card is eligible for an upgrade, so long as that player’s international team plays over the next month. From June 11 to July 16, those players can receive the following upgrades, based upon whether their country wins:

  • 3 Wins – +2 OVR Upgrade
  • 4 Wins – Additional +1 OVR Upgrade
  • 5 Wins – Additional +1 OVR Upgrade
  • 6 Wins – 5*/5* Weak Foot/Skill Moves Upgrades

With the Euro 2020 kicking off on June 11, coupled with international events over the next few weeks, many of the new cards that release in the near future should be in line for upgrades.

If a player’s international team hits one of these markers, the earliest that the card would receive the boost is the following Friday, per EA. Upgrades may take as long as 72 hours to show up on the player item.