How to get the Cautious Shot mod in Warframe, and what it does

No time for caution? Then you need this mod.


Cautious Shot is a mode in Warframe that reduces the Stagger effect cause by your radial attacks. To get the mod, you will need to purchase it as an Arbitration Reward from the Arbiters of Hexis on any Relay. The mod costs 20 Vitus Essence, which are random drops you can get during the Arbitration mission.

Cautious Shot will allow you to use weapons that can cause Stagger with great safety, as it can massively reduce the chance of causing self-stagger.

Cautious Shot

How To Access Arbitrations

To gain access to Arbitrations, you need to have completed all available missions on the Star Chart at least once. The only exceptions to this are the Mutalist Alad V and the Jordas Golem nodes. If you wish to check which nodes you still have to complete, you can do so by speaking to the Arbiters of Hexis on any of the Relays.

The mission themselves have a difficulty rating of 60-80, and will only occur on nodes that usually host endless mission types. These include Defense, Excavation, Survival, Interception, Defection, or Infested Salvage missions.

As you play through the mission, you can pick up the Vitus Essence drops, and when you have twenty of them, you may visit the Arbiters of Hexis and purchase the mod from them. Remember, in Arbitrations, you are entombed every time you die, and your team will need to revive you, so bring a Warframe that can survive tough fights.

RankEffect on chance of not self-staggeringMod Capacity Cost
0+8.2 percent0
1+16.4 percent1
2+24.5 percent2
3+32.7 percent3
4+40.9 percent4
5+49.1 percent5
6+57.3 percent6
7+65.4 percent7
8+73.6 percent8
9+81.8 percent9
10+90 percent10