How to get the Fourth Horseman Exotic Shotgun in Destiny 2 – In Rides a Pale Horse

Embrace destruction.

The Fourth Horseman

The Fourth Horseman has returned to Destiny 2. This Exotic Shotgun is capable of putting out intense damage at close range, thanks to the Thunderer perk. This perk allows the weapon to fire in fully-automatic mode, although you will need to work hard to control the recoil. The Broadside perk increases the damage of each successive shot, but will also increase the spread, so you want to get very close to your enemies before you unleash the Fourth Horseman’s fury on them.

This quest will be going live in the game later today, and the below information is collected from various leaks. We will update this article as soon as the quest goes live in the game, although we expect the steps below to be accurate.

Step 1 – Enter The Vault

Head to the Zavala to start the quest, and he will ask you to go to the secret Vault in his office. A marker should appear on the map, but one major issue players are running into is that a set of doors you need to enter can be bugged. The only way we could find to fix this was to get the quest on a different character. We don’t know why this bug happens, but this is the only workaround that we could find.

If this happens to you, grab the quest on a different character, and it should be fine. The video above will show you which route to follow.

Step 2 – Missing In Action

After you gain access to Zavala’s office, you will discover that the Fourth Horseman is gone. Return to Zavala to inform him.

Step 3 – Fresh Lead

You will need to go to talk to Ana Bray on Mars. Go to the Braytech building on Mars, then interact with Ana.

Step 4 – On the Hunt

Ana will give you a mission to kill Cabal enemies or finish Public Events on Mars. You need to fill up the progress bar to 100 percent, but killing enemies is worth very little, and enemy rarity doesn’t seem to matter. Public Events will get you 20 percent progress each time, so do those for the quickest way to finish this step.

Successfully completing waves of Escalation Protocol will also give you progress.

Step 5 – Return to Ana

Head back to Ana Bray and speak with her again.

Step 6 – In the Shadows

For this step, you will need to defeat Psions and open Cabal chests to collect pieces of data. You will need 50 of them in total. Make sure to equip a Ghost with the Treasure Hunter Perk, as this will make it easier to track down chests. The best place to do this is the Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector shown in the video above.

Step 7 – Under our Nose

You will now need to go and talk to Benedict 99-40 in the Tower Annex.

Step 8 – Dirty Work

For this step, you will need to complete Public Events and Patrols on the EDZ to collect encryption signals. Killing enemies also counts, so make sure you hunt down active Public Events, then murder as many enemies as you can.

Step 9 – Rein It In

Return to Benedict 99-40 at the Tower Annex.

Step 10 – Lost and Found

The last step is the toughest, and you will need to clear the Legendary Lost Sector in the Sunken Isles, called The Quarry. When this is complete, you will receive the Fourth Horseman. Legendary Lost Sectors have a recommended Power level of 1000, so it is a good idea to bring a full Fireteam for this step.

You cannot complete this step until The Quarry comes up in the Legendary Lost Sector rotation that you access from the Seraph Bunker on the EDZ.

Update: Bungie has made the Quarry available, so just head to the Seraph Bunker on the EDZ to start it.