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How Guardian Ranks work in Destiny 2

What's your current ranking?

Guardian Ranks have made their way to Destiny 2, which will be used to gauge your development while playing the game. This is a more carefully laid out path for you to follow by participating in regularly featured activity playlists, triumphs to complete, and reflecting on your knowledge in the game. Guardian Ranks will also unlock additional loadout slots for your characters. Here’s what you need to know about how Guardian Ranks work in Destiny 2.

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What are Guardian Ranks in Destiny 2?

You can find your Guardian Rank on your character page when you open your inventory. It will appear to the left of your armor, the small number standing alongside your character.

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Click on it, and you’ll receive a detailed layout of your Guardian Rank in Destiny 2. This breaks down the various activities and ways to increase it, such as completing the Lightfall campaign, working through Nightfalls, defeating Champions, or exploring Lost Sectors you have yet to explore. Additional challenges will unlock as you progress through the Guardian Ranks. Some of these also require you to work alongside other Guardians, receiving commendations from them or giving out Commendations for completing activities.

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These were added to provide a better progression system for Destiny 2 players. Bungie felt that some players who entered the game felt a little lost about what they should be doing or what they should work on next after completing the more mainline quests and stories they laid out each season. Guardian Ranks were their way of attempting to find a solid middle ground to this feeling of loss.

You can review your current Guardian Ranking at any time by visiting this page to see what you need to work on next, along with any rewards you’ll receive for completing these activities.

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