How Heat works in DogLife

It’s an animal thing.

If you’re a female dog in DogLife, you have the chance of potentially going into Heat, which means you want to mate with a male dog. When you have a male dog around you, there’s a chance the two of you can mate to raise a puppy together, but you may have to deal with it yourself if you live in a home with no other dogs. Here’s what you need to know about how Heat works in DogLife and how you can deal with it.

Generally, there are three options available to you when the Heat notification arrives. When you’re a female dog, you’ll receive the first notification about this when you reach the first year.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Your options include putting your scent out, finding an alternative relief, or suffering through it. If you choose to put your scent out anyway, you’ll have the option to show how many pheromones you’ll send out at any given time. Of course, the more pheromones you send out, there’s a high chance of another animal in the house picking up on it. So, for example, if you’re in the home with a male cat, the two of you can mate, which unlocks the Here’s to Evolution achievement, or the two of you can fight it out.

Alternatively, you can have your dog ignore it and try to battle it. It’s usually better to deal with it, depending on if you want to work on trying to get puppies or not.

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After the initial reaction, you’ll see an In Heat! notification at the top of your screen whenever your female dog enters Heat. From what we can tell, there’s a higher chance of you leaving your scent in the Activities tab to attract male dogs to your location. The Heat icon will appear every so often, so if you’re trying to have puppies with another male dog, you’ll want to wait for that icon to appear to have the best chances of it.