How to unlock the Over Sheltered Achievement in DogLife

Bad to the bone!

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In DogLife, starting in a shelter is one of the life beginnings available to you when you start a new animal life. While in the shelter, there are a few activities available to you to pass the time while you wait to be brought into a new family, hopefully. As sad as it is, sometimes it just doesn’t work out, and you might end up being brought back to the shelter. Whether it is entirely yours or no fault of your own, in this guide, we will tell you how to unlock the Over Sheltered achievement in DogLife.

To acquire this achievement, you need to be in a shelter. The next step is to gain the attention of a human to have the chance of being taken home by them. To do this, access your activities menu and choose the Attention option. From here, it’s up to you how you want to go about drawing attention to yourself. If it goes well, the human will like you and adopt you. Now getting returned to the shelter will require some work from you. We have found that the easiest way to ensure you return to the shelter is by selecting the Act Up option under the activities menu.

Upon selecting to Act Up, your animal will begin causing all sorts of mayhem for your owner. Repeat this process throughout your time at your home. Sometimes your owner will attempt to punish you. When this happens, retaliate, and if all goes in your favor, your owner will not want to put up with you and either kick you out of the house or return you to the shelter they got you. If you were returned to the shelter, you will immediately unlock the achievement.