How to unlock the Authority Issues Achievement in DogLife

Respect my authoritah!

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Authority and dominance are essential factors in the animal kingdom. These give an animal control over a pack lending them the ability to lead and receive the benefits that come from it. In DogLife, having these can make your time as a street dog in a pack or another location with many other animals easier and less stressful. These same factors can even allow you to assert your authority and dominance on the head of the household by ending them, and in this guide, we will tell you how to do that and unlock the Authority Issues achievement.

To start the path of unlocking this achievement, you need to be a part of a household. Whether you are born into a household or picked up from a pet store, habitat, or the streets, the person who brings you home is the target you want to go after. Now you won’t be able to attack them right away. The option to attack will be available to you once you reach one year of age.

Once you can utilize the attack option, select it, and you will see a pop-up with some options to choose from, being the type of move and the target area of the desired move. Ultimately, these choices are yours to make, but we used the most gruesome sounding options to inflict wrath upon our owner. After making your selections and committing to the attack, an additional pop-up will appear detailing the result of the attack. If you were successful, you will see that your owner has perished from your attack and immediately unlock the achievement.