How to unlock the Bad Product Achievement in DogLife

It might be defective.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Life in a pet store can be rough, and sometimes you don’t want to deal with the owners or their employees. In DogLife, starting inside a pet store is one of the life beginnings available to you. Granting you the opportunity to be adopted into a loving family, or not so loving if you are unfortunate enough. You can even get kicked out of the pet store, and in this guide, we will go over what you need to do to unlock the Bad Product achievement.

The first thing to ensure is that you have begun your new animal life in a pet store. The best way to ensure you are kicked out of the store is to be as awful of an animal as you can. Under the activities menu selecting the Act Up option will cause you to quite literally do that and cause many different inconveniences for the owner and their employees. While doing this, you will begin to widdle away at their relationship with you. The lower the relationship levels, the more likely they will no longer want to put up with you.

Once you have caused enough mayhem for them, a pop-up will appear saying that they will drop you off. From here, you have a few options to choose from, but the battle has already been won, so just quietly going should suffice. After selecting how you wish to proceed after the first prompt has appeared, you will immediately unlock the achievement.