How Heirloom Shards work in Apex Legends

More chances to get the Heirloom items you want

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends continues to draw fans with new seasons, new characters, and new weapons. Prized items every active Apex Legends player is after are Heirloom items. These items are exclusive, extremely rare appearance options for a character in the game. It provides them with a unique melee weapon, voice piece, and banner pose. The traditional fashion of how Heirloom items worked is now changing, and you can not obtain Heirloom shards.

When you receive Heirloom Shards from an Apex Pack, you now have the option to choose which Heirloom set you want to receive. Previously, when you received Heirloom items, it was one of the random choices, and it could be a character you never played or particularly liked. The Heirloom Shards take the guesswork out of it, so you can choose the set you’re truly after for the characters you love to play.

The odds of looting an Heirloom are a 1 in 500 chance, so these are extremely rare to obtain. A player has an opportunity every 500 Apex Packs to get one. For example, if you open 499 Apex Packs, then the next, final one, number 500, will have Heirloom items. You do have a chance to obtain it before reaching 500, but you need to be lucky. With the introduction of Heirloom Shards, your total will not reset. Apex Legends will not rollback every player back, so those who are growing closer and increasing their chances of looting one now have a significantly higher chance of looting the set they legitimately want to obtain.

When you obtain all of the current Heirloom items, you cannot loot an Heirloom Shard. You need to wait for developer Respawn Entertainment to release another, and your total starts at 1 out of 500.