How high can Frogs jump in Minecraft?

Hippity hop.

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With the inclusion of Frogs in Minecraft’s 1.19 The Wild update, these new friendly amphibians will easily be one of the new features you seek out. Whether you are trying to become friends with them or create an army of Frogs, learning about them is a need at the top of the list. Frogs are well known for their jumpy personality, so you might be wondering how high they can hop in Minecraft. Here is the answer to that and other small important information about Frogs.

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How high can Frogs leap in Minecraft?

Frogs can jump up to eight blocks tall in Minecraft. Out in the open world, you likely will not see many situations where a Frog will jump this high on its own. That being said, if you put a Frog in a small confined area with a hole at the top, it will attempt to jump out. Make it high enough, and you can see them in action.

Because Frogs can hop so high on their own, you might be worried about them accumulating fall damage pretty easily. Luckily, the creature takes a total of five less hearts damage from falling, so they should survive most drops they take.

If you want to create an area for your Frogs to leap around for fun, place Lilypads and Dripleaves. They enjoy those items over others and will hop onto them when available.