How long do storms last in The Cycle Frontier

Don’t get caught in the rain.


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Storms are an integral part of The Cycle: Frontier. When you drop onto Fortuna III, storms can appear overhead and wash out the map, making it far more dangerous to explore. This guide explains how long storms last in The Cycle: Frontier, so you know what sort of cover you need to look for.

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How long does it take for storms to stop?

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Now that the game has been out for a while, players have managed to work out that storms last for roughly 5 minutes. Of course, some can be longer, others can be shorter, but this is the average time you’ll see a storm last when you’re down on Fortuna III. When you see one coming, it’s best to find a building with a puzzle or something interesting to do inside, so you don’t need to explore or get bored. If you don’t, you might lose everything you have because you risked your life in the bad weather.

How do storms work?

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The most important thing that storms do is restrict players from dropping onto or leaving Fortuna III. If you’re on the station when a storm starts, you can’t drop down and leave while the storm is active if you’re already on the planet. You can’t call dropships while the storm is raging, so you’ve just got to wait it out and hope you don’t encounter another player who wants your loot.

However, storms also increase the chance of coming across better loot. Certain resources will only be available after a storm, and storms also¬†reset the loot in areas you’ve previously visited. So it’s worth riding out a storm somewhere safe if you can because the rewards you’ll reap afterward will be worth your while. The only issues are the dangers in both aliens and other players that you’ll need to defeat to get to the loot you crave.