How to get nickel in The Cycle: Frontier

Search for the sharp green minerals.


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Many jobs you pick up in The Cycle: Frontier will task you with finding one resource or another and handing it in back at base. However, there are many resources and a few types of each that can throw you off. This guide explains how to get nickel in The Cycle: Frontier so you don’t get stuck on a job because you’re looking at the wrong rocks.

Where to find nickel

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Nickel is a common resource, but you won’t find it just lying around. Instead, you need to use a mineral scanner to identify any nearby rocks that could contain it. These will show up as blue circles around you, as you can see in the image above. Head toward the blue circles, and you’ll eventually come across a small pile of rocks. This is where you must equip your pickaxe and smash away at those rocks to reveal the minerals underneath. With any luck, you’ll see some rocks that are grey on one side and have pointy green crystals on the other. This is nickel, and you should pick it up and store it in your safe pockets.

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This isn’t the only version of nickel you can get, though. There’s also altered nickel, which is a green rock but also appears in the grey piles of rocks. If you have a job that asks for a mineral or resource, you need to get the specific one that is being requested. For example, altered nickel or other variants of nickel won’t be something you can hand into a faction if the job asks explicitly for nickel. Pay attention to the job descriptions and ensure you bring home the proper mineral. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. This will feel all the worse if you’re killed while acquiring that nickel.

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