How long does Fire Emblem Engage take to beat? Full Game Length

Fire Emblem stories can take a long time to complete.

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Fire Emblem Engage games are lengthy, and the entire time it takes to complete it varies for each player. They’re not something you can complete in a few days of casual playing. Instead, they’re long, exhaustive adventures where you will acquire multiple party members to join you throughout this epic tale, working alongside them and getting to know them and their internal struggles. Finishing these games can take a great deal of commitment and time. Here’s what you need to know about how long it takes to beat Fire Emblem Engage.

How long will it take to beat Fire Emblem Engage?

From what we can tell, it will take players roughly 50 to 70 hours to complete the game. Now, this length will vary for everyone. When attempting to plan out how much time you need to devote to playing Fire Emblem Engage, there are multiple factors to consider. For example, it will probably take you more time to beat the game if you’re playing on a more challenging difficulty, compared to someone casually going through the game on a lower difficulty and enjoying the story.

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If you’re going to play Fire Emblem Engage on a hard difficulty, and if it’s going to be on Classic, we imagine it will take you closer to the 70-hour range to complete the game. For experienced players, this might not factor into everything, and it could take even longer, especially if you’re going to complete every side mission and partake in the skirmishes that appear on the map.

Again, as we said, it comes down to multiple factors about how much you want to put into this game. If you focus entirely on the story and pull away from doing any side content, the game likely won’t take as long for you to complete.