How long does it take to beat Hi-Fi Rush? Full game length

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When Hi-Fi Rush was stealth announced at the January Xbox Developer Direct stream, most people likely thought that it was just going to be a small game that could be completed in a couple of hours. Once you jump into the game, you see that it definitely has more content than that to it. Chai’s journey will have him going all throughout the Vandelay Corporation beating up robots. Here is roughly how long you can expect the story mode to take in Hi-Fi Rush.

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How long to beat Hi-Fi Rush?

It should generally take you somewhere between seven and 12 hours to complete the campaign in Hi-Fi Rush. In our initial playthrough on Normal difficulty, it took us eight and a half hours, and that was with quite a bit of exploring side areas on our way through the levels.

After you have defeated all of the Vandelay bosses and seen the credits, you will be brought back to Peppermint’s hideout where new features will unlock including a level select, customizer, new challenges, and the hardest difficulty in the game, Rhythm Master.

There are quite a few things to do after beating the main story, with some extra endgame content opening up at the end. If you want to improve your high scores and get all collectibles, you can run back through the levels on any difficulty and continue to unlock upgrades for your chips and additional moves.

According to, if you are looking to go for 100% completion, you are likely looking at a total of 15 hours or so to achieve everything in the game. Not a bad amount at all while still providing plenty of content.