How long does it take to finish Cris Tales?

Time spent wisely.

Image via Modus Games

Cris Tales is a beautifully realized RPG game that players will want to lose themselves in. Anyone thinking about buying it will be wondering how long it might take to actually finish the game.

We estimate it will take most players about 30 hours to play through the story, or closer to 40 hours if they wished to complete everything, including all side quests. On top of this, the game has a lot of replayability. Over the course of the story, players will need to make a lot of choices that can impact how the game plays out. Cris Tales also has multiple endings that players may wish to experience.

Another factor to consider is player skill. Some folks out there might struggle a little more than others, especially with some of the boss fights, so it may take them longer to get through the same content.

In Cris Tales, players will step into the role of Crisbell right as she discovers that she is actually a mage. Capable of using time crystals, Crisbell can explore the past, the present, and the future, and will need to navigate them all to try and save everything she knows and loves.

While playing through the game, you can build a party of companions for Crisbell, all of whom have different skills, abilities, and strengths. How the characters interact in combat is a real strength of Cris Tales, and anybody who is a fan of tactical RPG combat will be right at home figuring out all the combat interactions.