What is the museum password in Cris Tales? answered

Write this one down in a notebook.

Image via Modus Games

Cris Tales takes players on a fantastical adventure through some of the unique locations we’ve ever seen in a JRPG. One of those is the several sparse floors inside an abandoned museum where you’ll need a password to get through a certain door. Below you will find what that the museum password is and why you need it.

What is the museum password?

The museum password in Cris Tales is “Tulira’s Elite Prowess.” The password is split up into three words you can find organically throughout the museum.

The first is in a room next to the museum’s entrance on the very top floor. Check the diary on the shelf to find the word “elite.” The next word is on the second floor. It’s in the room with two massive bookcases. You’ll find that the word in the diary is slashed, as is the painting in this room, but if you manipulate time in the right way, you’ll discover the word is “prowess.”

The final word is on the top floor once more, in a room that’s as far left as you can go. The diary notes how annoying it is that the password is always being forgotten, which is why the word “Tulira’s” is written on a plaque next to the security gate. Pull it all together, and you have the entire password.

How to use the password

You need to use the password at the security gate, but there’s more motivation for getting through than that. Rysa’s uncle Lucio, the museum’s curator, is past the gate on the bottom floor of the building. You need to get to him, and this security gate is the only available path. While you can try to push your way through without first learning the three key words to the password, every incorrect attempt results in an encounter. Eventually, this will wear you down and leave you with fewer resources for the battles to come.