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How long does Sports Story take to beat? Answered

Time to play ball.

Sports Story shadow dropped at the end of Nintendo’s Holiday House of Indies showcase, surprising fans of indie sports titles. Sports Story is a follow-up of the very popular Golf Story, offering fans the same mixture of sports, RPG, and life simulation that made the original such a hit. The original Golf Story wasn’t a huge time investment, but its addictive gameplay meant you can play the game for dozens of hours. With more than golf to play in Sports Story, does that mean the new game is equally as long?

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How long is Sports Story?

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The original Golf Story was about 15 hours long, give or take, but that’s only if you want to complete the main objective and story. If you wanted to complete Golf Story, it could take 30+ hours to accomplish everything the title has to offer. Sports Story has a similar length, taking around 15 hours to complete the main objective while being 32+ hours long to fully complete it. There are reports that players were able to rush through the main objective and finish it under 10 hours, but a casual playthrough won’t be that quick.

Even though both games are about sports, that’s not the only thing you can do in the titles. You can do other activities, including talking and exploring the local town. You can develop relationships with the NPCs, while also partaking in wacky side quests to increase your skill sets in power and accuracy. The length of Sports Story is determined by what aspects of the game you want to focus on. If you only want to focus on the main narrative and compete in all the sports, then the game shouldn’t take you as long to finish. However, with ten sports to try out in Sports Story, even attempting to finish the main objectives of the game can potentially take a while.

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