How Long is Borderlands 3?


Borderlands 3 is set to release at the end of the week all across the world. When it does launch, players are going to grind through the ridiculous story attempting to gather up as many guns as possible to blow up their enemies. But from start to finish, how long is the entry going to take for some people to complete?

How Long is Borderlands 3?

At this time, only a handful of review websites were able to get their hands on Borderlands 3 before it officially releases this Friday. Their responses vary, but they offer a decent ballpark to how much of a time commitment this game is going to be. Two of the big writing websites who did, IGN and Gamespot, both agree on the fact players can expect the entire story to take them around 30 hours to complete the main content.

However, if players go out of their way to try to complete every side quest and off-side focus, they can expect to push this up to 50 and 60 hours. The side content is no joke in the game, according to the writers. The ones who took 30 hours to complete the game only did a handful of the lighter stuff, wanting to only work on that stuff if felt they were under-leveled for the mainline content.

This timeframe shouldn’t surprise too many diehard Borderlands fans. The games are infamous for having players go through the game, over and over again, fighting stronger foes and more advanced versions of minion mobs. We can expect future DLC and expansion packs to push these numbers even further when those release in the future.

Hopefully, for those who love the Borderlands games, the New Game Plus in the game keeps you satisfied until the release of new DLC content.

Borderlands 3 officially releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC through the Epic Games Store on Sept. 13.