How Loot MRVNs work on Olympus map in Apex Legends Fight Night event

How they work, and all possible loot tiers.


Kings Canyon has Loot Ticks and World’s Edge has Cargo Bots, but for a while, Apex Legends’ third map Olympus has had no loot-granting equivalent. That changed when the introduction of the Loot MRVN was paired with the release of the Fight Night Collection Event.

Loot MRVN behavior

Loot MRVNs are definitely the loot bots with the most life in them. They look similar to the one powered-down MRVN that had priorly been on the map, only they’re now powered up. They cannot walk around, but their screens activate when you approach them.

Loot MRVNs look and behave like a slot machine, right down to the single arm. Their screen will spin and you’ve got to try to press loot at the right time to get higher tier loot.

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All Loot MRVN tiers

You can obtain loot from a MRVN all low as Common-tier, unlike the Cargo Bots on World’s Edge, but you also don’t need to worry about missing them or giving away your location like the former. Here are all of the loot tiers and their corresponding screens on the Loot MRVNs.

EmotionColorLoot Tier
Sad faceWhiteCommon (Level 1)
Neutral faceBlueRare (Level 2)
Pleased facePurpleEpic (Level 3)
Very Happy faceYellow/GoldLegendary (Level 4)

There is no red Heirloom (Level 5) loot tier for the Loot MRVNs, but there is a (somewhat brutal) way to guarantee a Legendary-tier loot drop.