How to guarantee legendary loot from a Loot MRVN in Apex Legends Fight Night event

Happy MRVNs give better loot.

MRVN happy

Happy MRVNs give better loot — it’s as simple as that. But making an MRVN’s day doesn’t come without, as Horizon may put it, breaking a few eggs. Loot MRVNs are a new addition to the Olympus map in Apex Legends that give you a random tier of loot. They are a little rundown, and normally only have one arm. That said, there is a way to get another arm for the robotic little fellow.

If you’re thinking right now “Do I have to murder another MRVN and rip their arm off in order to give that arm to the next MRVN I find?” then you’re a sick animal who is also absolutely correct. This morally gray little side quest will be getting you some very good loot, but at what cost? (Unless you like killing MRVNs, then it’s a win-win.)


MRVN arm
  • Finding a Loot MRVN. They will be scattered around the map like Loot Ticks. Find one and get its loot.
  • Destroying an MRVN (or a few). Once you’ve got your loot, it’s murder time. You can shoot it or punch it to death if you have some class. Not every Loot MRVN you destroy will drop its arm, so you may have to destroy a couple of them before reaping the benefits.
  • Looting an MRVN Arm. If the arm does in fact drop, it will show up on the ground as a gold-tier Special item called MRVN Arm.
  • Bringing the arm to a new MRVN. Once you have the arm in your inventory, your last job is tracking down another Loot MRVN to bring the arm to. That MRVN doesn’t know the dark story behind how you got it; they’re just happy to have a new arm.
  • Legendary loot rewards. A happy MRVN will not give you a random tier of loot, but will instead automatically reward you with legendary tier loot. For example: a legendary helmet and a Turbocharger Hop-Up, as seen in the Devstream.

Overall, the fact that there is a little quest built into Olympus’ loot bots in-game is pretty cool, even if it may make your moral compass point in a questionable direction. Will you be aiming to make some happy MRVNs?