How many chapters are there in Marvel’s Iron Man VR?

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How many chapters are there in Marvel's Iron Man VR?

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Marvel’s Iron Man VR propels itself on PlayStation on July 3, and fans of Tony Stark’s alter-ego are gearing up to don his famous suit.

Thanks to comments from Camoflaj director Ryan Payton, we know how long you’ll need to beat it, but what about how many missions it actually contains? Given its average playthrough time, you may be concerned that there won’t be many to complete. Let’s ease those worries and see how many chapters are available in Marvel’s Iron Man VR.

How many missions are available in Marvel’s Iron Man VR?

While we had no idea about how many chapters there would be in Marvel’s Iron Man VR, we do now thanks to its trophy list. According to lists found online, there will be 12 chapters in Camoflaj’s VR title.

Technically, you can argue that there are 13 as there’s a prologue chapter to complete too. In terms of actual named chapters, however, 12 is the magic number. Here they are in chronological order:

  • Chapter One – Out of the Blue
  • Chapter Two – Reloaded
  • Chapter Three – Hostile Takeover
  • Chapter Four – Best Practises
  • Chapter Five – Cage Match
  • Chapter Six – Living Laser
  • Chapter Seven – Ghost in the Machine
  • Chapter Eight – Bite the Bullet
  • Chapter Nine – Uncanny Valley
  • Chapter 10 – Laser Focused
  • Chapter 11 – Rock Bottom
  • Chapter 12 – Resilient

You’ll get a trophy for each chapter that you complete no matter what difficulty you play on, which is a nice touch. There are many fun little side quests to conduct between chapters, and some of those will nab you trophies too. We’d let you find those for yourself, though, as it would spoil the fun if we divulged every secret in the game before you have a chance to play it.

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