How many chapters are there in Windbound?

Is 5 Lives Studios’ latest offering a long game?

How many chapters are there in Windbound?

Windbound has been compared to The Legend of Zelda franchise over its aesthetic and gameplay mechanics, but it isn’t as long as Breath of the Wild. 5 Lives Studios’ survival-adventure game can be completed in a couple of sittings, providing you have a full day or two to do so.

There are only five main chapters for you to complete in Windbound. Each one varies in length, but none will take you more than four hours to beat if you explore thoroughly. Here’s a quick rundown of the five chapters that you have to complete to earn Windbound’s endgame achievement or trophy:

  • Chapter one – The Lost Islands
  • Chapter two – The Great Famine
  • Chapter three – The War
  • Chapter four – The Tipping Point
  • Chapter five – The Last Shell Spirit

Chapter one, which introduces you to the basics of Windbound, is the shortest. The Last Shell Spirit will take the longest to complete as you have to sail further to find islands with Sea Shard towers that you need to activate.

In terms of how long it will take you to beat Windbound’s campaign, you can have it boxed off in 10 to 12 hours. That’s if you stick to the story and choose not to explore every inch of its five chapters’ locales. As long as you activate the three Sea Shard towers in each chapter, and complete the Crossing trials at the end, you can beat the game in that timeframe.

If you decide to explore every inch of Windbound, you should beat it in around 15 hours. You might find it takes longer if you die in Survivalist mode, but if you’re smart and stay alive for the entire playthrough, you won’t need to invest 20+ hours to reach the end.