How many dog breeds are in DogLife?

There are a lot of dogs out there.

Image via Candywriter

DogLife is a spinoff game by the creators of BitLife, but now players are assuming the role of a dog, not a person. It features many of the same concepts as BitLife, with players managing their dog’s various stats and attempting to make their way through to getting adopted and living life with their forever human. But, with so many dog breeds in the real world, how many dog breeds can we expect to see in DogLife?

Right now, the exact number on this has not been disclosed by the BitLife team, Candywriter. When the team was asked this question on their twitter page, they shared that players can expect to pick from over 50 different types of dog breeds to start their life being a human’s best friend. You’ll also be to breed these dogs, creating combinations of them. How this works will likely be similar in BitLife, where when your main character dies, you become the child and live their life.

You’ll be able to experience life as a stray, sheltered, or as a pet dog in DogLife. How inheritance works is an entirely different matter, though, and probably won’t be the same as BitLife since it’s more difficult for puppies to inherit what their parents leave behind, except for ownership.