How many Sonic the Hedgehog games are there, in total?

This hedgehog has been around the block a couple hundred times.

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In the multiple decades of Sonic the Hedgehog video game releases, we have seen plenty of highs, and quite a few lows as well. There is a wide range of quality within this quantity, but just about everyone has at least a few games with the blue hedgehog that they can point to when his name is mentioned. Especially in the 90s, he was everywhere, being the first video game mascot to go head-to-head with Mario and even becoming the first video game character to appear in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Focusing just on his games, however, how many titles are there?

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How many Sonic the Hedgehog games are there?

Depending on how you want to look at what constitutes an actual release, the number you come away with when counting Sonic the Hedgehog titles can vary. If you do not include remasters, collection ports, and mobile titles, we have counted 73 unique releases that directly involve the blue hedgehog’s world at the time of this writing. These are mainline 2D and 3D games, spin-offs, party titles, educational games, and arcade cabinets. There is a wide variety of ground to cover there. Add in mobile games (not including the many Genesis title ports), and that number jumps up to an even 100 games.

Of course, Sega is pretty well known for re-releasing its popular Sega Genesis titles, especially when it comes to Sonic. For example, just the 1992 release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has been ported 25 times to new consoles and included in various collection packages. The original game has been released at least an additional 35 times. These games have been spread around plenty of times is what we are getting at here, so finding an exact number is a grueling process and leaves room for some to fall through the cracks. If you were to amass every single version of Sonic’s games, we would estimate you easily would have over 200 games.