How many Vivariums can you have in Hogwarts Legacy?

All kinds of locations for different creatures.

Image via Wizarding World

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While you are out exploring the world in Hogwarts Legacy, you are going to come across various fantastic beasts that you can rescue and sell for some extra gold. However, if you want to get the resources for upgrading your gear, you will want to place some of these creatures in your Vivariums in the Room of Requirement. These areas are pretty large but limit how many beasts you can put in them. With this in mind, how many Vivariums can you have in Hogwarts Legacy?

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What is the maximum amount of Vivariums in the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy?

As you begin finding Hogwarts Legacy’s fantastic beasts for Deek the House Elf in the Room of Requirement, the first Vivarium will be unlocked and accessible right in the center of the room. As time goes on, you can have up to four Vivariums with different biomes to protect these creatures.

When you go in any of the Vivariums, you can place up to four different species in here, with a total of 12 animals being the max. This leaves enough room for a male and female creature, and then you can breed an offspring. Unfortunately, there is no way to expand these slots. Instead, to get these other locations, you need to continue to do side quests for Deek.

As you go through the main quests, Professor Weasley will recommend speaking to Deek every now and then. Complete the tasks he asks you to do, and the Room of Requirement will automatically expand and give you more areas to place your beasts. The same storage limits apply to these additional areas, with four various species and a total of 12 animals in each one, for a total of 48 creatures between all Vivariums.