How parkour works in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Run, jump, style, repeat.

Image via Techland

Parkour is the default movement in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. You may not realize this until you enter an area where the game deliberately slows you down, and you’re suddenly walking instead of running, which can be jarring the first time it happens. The movement system isn’t easy to get used to, and it’s incredibly difficult to master. This guide explains how parkour works in the game so you can get to grips with and enjoy it faster.

How does the movement work in Dying Light 2 Stay Human?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The parkour system in Dying Light 2 Stay Human is deceivingly simple. Aiden will grab onto the ledges he can reach as long as you’re looking at them. When you jump across a road, maintain focus on the opposite rooftop so that Aiden grabs the ledge and pulls himself up. If you look down, Aiden will fall and hurt himself.

All you need to worry about when you’re running is pressing the jump button. If you press it at the right time, Aiden will jump and grab any bars he sees so that you can swing or grip whatever you want him to. The key to mastering parkour in this game is learning where to look and keeping an eye out for paths so that you never need to stop. This becomes particularly important when you’re being chased at night.

When you’re running across the city, it’s essential to look for unconventional paths. The cars that have been stopped between buildings are perfect points to jump down to so you can get to a rooftop that’s slightly too far away to grab. There are other smaller structures that you can use in this way and bridges or ziplines that allow you to nip across roads.

The biggest killer with parkour is falling to your death. If you’re at a high point, look down for a mattress with a blue X marked on it or a pile of garbage. If you drop onto either of these, Aiden won’t take damage from his fall. Know that these are usually only placed near points where you’re expected to have to drop a long way, such as windmills or GRE buildings.