How should you answer Saki when she asks, “if we become sacrifices, then…” in Digimon Survive?

Help her be a little happier.


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Following your boss battle with Garurumon and Monzaemon in Digimon Survive, you’ll start Part 5 and end up back at the school. This is when you’ll get another chance to explore and speak to a few characters, though not all, and develop your relationships with them. This guide explains how you should answer Saki when she asks, “if we become sacrifices, then…” so you get the result you’re looking for.

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How should you answer Saki when she asks, “if we become sacrifices, then…”?

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You’ll find Saki in the gym during this Free Action phase, and she’s clearly very preoccupied with what Garurumon and Monzaemon were talking about during your latest encounter. She asks, “If we become sacrifices, then…” and you’ll have three choices of response. The one you should choose is “We can go home.” This answer will raise your affinity with Saki and open up new opportunities for dialogue and boost her effectiveness when talking in battle later in the game. This can be quite important if you need a stat boost in a pinch, and the only way to get it is through Saki giving a Digimon some verbal support.

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This interaction with Saki isn’t the only one you can have with her during this Free Action phase. If you return to the gym, you’ll notice a time-sensitive scene is taking place. When you arrive, Saki is getting changed, and you’ll eventually be discovered hiding somewhere in the gym. However, before you’re found, someone touches Saki inappropriately. This scene starts a side quest you can complete by uncovering the person who was spying on and touching Saki at that moment. It’s unclear if this scene is locked out if you don’t give the correct answer to her question, but it seems as though you’ll be accused of touching her if your affinity with her isn’t high enough.