Digimon Survive beginner’s battle guide – tips and tricks

The best tips for beginners who aren’t used to the battle system.

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Digimon Survive uses turn-based, RPG-style gameplay where players and enemies take turns to act. The battle can be tricky to master, especially if you’re a newcomer, but we will go over some basic tips and tricks to help you out on your Digimon adventure.

The Basics of Battles in Digimon Survive

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Players have a team of Digimon partners at their disposal, with each partner having their own turn to make moves and attack. Each Digimon has six options to choose from at the beginning of every turn—Move, Attack, Item, Evolution, Talk, and End Turn. Your Digimon can potentially do all six options in one turn. All battles take place on grid-based maps, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem. How far your Digimon can move depends on how many squares on the grid the Digimon can walk through. Some Digimon can walk through multiple squares, whereas others can’t. Learning which ones can move further is key.

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Tips and tricks in Battling

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At the start of every battle, you can pick your team. Most fights will never force you to have less than four Digimon unless you want to. When selecting a team, you should always have at least one heavy hitter and one healer; having someone that hits hard and for a lot of damage will make taking down weaker enemies easier. A healer is always good to have in every fight to give health back to other team members, and have the healers stick in the back to avoid conflict so that they aren’t KO’d.

Make sure to check what kind of Digimon you will be facing as some Digimon have specific weaknesses and strengths. Virus-based Digimon are weak against Vaccine Digimon, while Vaccine Digimon are weak against Data Digimon, and Data Digimon are weak against Virus Digimon. Likewise, your own Digimon will also be vulnerable to specific weaknesses, so be on the lookout for that.

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The most important tip for beginners is always have your team stick together. Never have your party split too far away from each other in a fight. If one of your Digimon is by themselves, they will be targeted and get overwhelmed. Your Digimon also gets a boost when close to your other Digimon, with some Digimon teaming up to deal double damage to an enemy. Always strike an enemy from the back or the sides as that will deal extra damage. Having your Digimon side-by-side on the grid will make it more difficult for enemies to attack you from the sides or the back.

In big boss fights, use the Talk option to have your Digimon talk to their human partner and gain a status boost. But wait to use the Talk when you’re ready to go all out against the boss, as stat boosts are only temporary. Wait to Digievolve when you’re about to attack the boss as well, as Digievolutions sap your SP quickly and it’s best to conserve SP.