How skirmishes work in Babylon’s Fall

Farm for materials with friends or strangers.

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If you’re settling into Babylon’s Fall, you’ll probably have wondered where all the side missions are. The game’s help tab makes note of something called skirmishes, but what exactly are they and how do you unlock them?

Much like many of Babylon’s Fall’s RPG and live service elements, skirmishes aren’t added until late in the game. Skirmishes don’t unlock until after the fourth of seven floors where you’ll also pickup other mechanics like coffin customization.

How do skirmishes work

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Skirmishes are optional missions that exist solely for farming crafting materials. While you can recycle any old gear and revisit standard missions to acquire materials, skirmishes are where you’ll spend more time during the late game as you either craft gear or meld it. This is because the rate at which crafting materials drop is dramatically increased over the mandatory missions.

As a downside, you generally don’t get as many gear drops in skirmishes, but gear drops become less significant in general as your power level increases. Once you begin approaching power level 70, you’ll find you’re much less likely to earn gear drops above your existing power level compared to earlier in the game.

Although all of the core content outside of the final boss is manageable as a solo player, we recommend attempting skirmishes with at least one other person. This is because of the infamous enemy system. Every skirmish has a random chance of spawning an infamous enemy during an encounter, which guarantees a special legendary drop.

Unfortunately, these powerful foes only remain on the field for a limited period of time. If you fail to kill them before the time limit runs out, they run away. This is why we recommend multiplayer for skirmish runs. On the off chance that you run into one of these infamous enemies, you want that guaranteed drop. Even when above a skirmish’s recommended power level, infamous enemies within them can be difficult to take down as a solo player without powerful gear. By contrast, we were able to kill every infamous enemy with ease when partnered with at least one other person.

Screenshot by Gamepur