How Subzero Climate and Sheer Cold work in Genshin Impact

Getting chilly.

Genshin Impact: All world and story quests

Genshin Impact 1.2 will introduce the Dragonspine region, and a new mechanic called Subzero Climate. Dragonspire is cold, and this will have an impact on your character as you will accumulate Sheer Cold status.

Once you hit max stacks of Sheer Cold, your character will start to lose health. Heavy snow and time spent in water will increase how fast Sheer Cold will stack. Thankfully, there are ways to combat this new environmental status.

You will be able to use bonfires, brazier, teleport waypoints, and Statues of the Seven to reduce Sheer Cold stacks. This will make having a Cryo character in your party quite important, as it will allow you to light bonfires and braziers to keep warm.

There will also be special food you will have access to after you complete a new mission called “Ah, Fresh Meat!”. This will give you a recipe for Ghoulash, which will reduce the rate of Sheer Cold building up for all members in a party for 900 seconds.

You will also be able to get a Warming Bottle gadget and make offerings to a special tree called the Frostbearing Tree to change its level. This will also grant resistance to Sheer Cold. Scarlet Quartz will make you completely immune to the effects of Sheer Cold for a short time.

Scarlet Quartz will also allow you to break the “peculiar ice” that can be found in Dragonspine. This ice cannot be broken by any other means, and shattering it can reveal secrets, chests, and more.