How the black market works in Far Cry 6

The Black Market has access to special weapons and cosmetics.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Black Market is a valuable resource for you to access in Far Cry 6. You’ll want to visit the Black Market in your camp every so often to see what the vendor, Lola, has available for you. In addition, you can visit her at every base you unlock when you meet one of the Guerilla groups in a region of Yara. Here’s how the Black Market works in Far Cry 6 and how you can use it to your advantage.

Before finding Lola, you need to contact one of the groups Carla wants you to meet with on Yara. These include the Monteros, Talia Benevidez, and El Tigre. After completing with them and unlocking their campaigns, Lola and her Black Market will appear.

You can quickly find her in any of the camps, indicated by the blue star above her head. When you speak with her, she’ll have Special Operations and the Black Market available for you to search through. The Black Market will have several weapons and an ‘other’ category for you to purchase from her.

The weapons are modified and enhanced versions of ones you can already grab in the game. They’ll have special modifications, such as a four-star MP5 with a modification that improves the damage of this weapon. In the ‘other’ category, you’ll have cosmetic appearances available and special resources. While you can obtain those resources in the game through other means, Lola is also an alternative.

These items are available for you to purchase from Lola, so long as you have Moneda. You can earn this currency by completing Special Operations for Lola. The weapons and ‘other’ category refresh every few days, so you can expect Lola’s selection to rotate. But you have plenty of time to grab what you want before that happens.