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How the Dynamic Campaign works in Company of Heroes 3

A new take on an old war.

Company of Heroes 3 features an innovative story mode called the Dynamic Campaign. Company of Heroes is a series known for its blistering pace and tactical take on World War Two. The previous games featured different interpretations of RTS campaigns, but they never innovated with their approach. The Dynamic Campaign tosses tradition out the window and changes the core foundation of the typical RTS campaign. This is how the Dynamic Campaign works in Company of Heroes 3.

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All Dynamic Campaign features in Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 features two different story campaigns. One campaign takes place in North Africa and follows the classic style of RTs campaign design. You watch a cinematic, then play a scripted mission, and watch another cutscene when that mission ends. You rinse and repeat until the eight-mission campaign is over. The Italian campaign is the Dynamic Campaign, which plays utterly different from any other RTS campaign in the history of the series.

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The Italian Dynamic Campaign begins with a lengthy tutorial similar to a standard mission. After completing the prologue, you will be presented with a massive map of Italy. You are then quickly introduced to what separates this campaign from many others, a turn-based sandbox structure.

You are tasked with playing as the allies and must build companies to move into enemy territory and capturing different towns. Instead of each mission being scripted, this dynamic approach can lead to various unique combat encounters based on what your companies are and which territory you choose to attack. You will be presented with different dialogue choices by allied commanders. You can choose to listen or ignore these suggestions, which can build loyalty towards the respective leader.

How to finish the Dynamic Campaign in Company of Heroes 3

This sandbox-driven experience’s ultimate objective is to fight against German forces and take control of Rome. Each turn will let you command your current companies and naval fleet to outmaneuver the AI. On their turn, enemy forces can and will try to take back any cities they have lost or will build traps that can damage your armies as they move deeper inland.

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This extensive campaign map can take a long time to get through. You can save your progress in battle or on the campaign map anytime. Take advice from your allied commanders, build up your forces, and take out key towns to gain the strength needed to conquer Rome.

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